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A woman creating clay plates at a pottery studio. The pottery studio is full of clay pieces drying, with a shelf in the background holding may plates, bowls, mugs, and sculptures. On the table, mugs full of wooden tools is in the centre, surrounded by moulds of patterned clay plates. The woman, wearing a pink shirt with red hair, is cleaning a board with a blue cloth.

Accessible Art Course: Sculpture Course for people with a visual impairment with Fighting Blindness and Cork College of F.E.T.

25 Jan - 14 Mar 2024 (Past)

Douglas Street Campus, Cork College of Further Education and Training (F.E.T.)

This course, led by the talented artist Krzysztof Rosa, promises a multi-sensory journey into the world of fine art.

Fighting Blindness, in partnership with Cork College of Further Education and Training (F.E.T.), is proud to introduce a groundbreaking sculpture course designed specifically for people with a visually impairment. Starting on Thursday, January 25, 2024, this 8 week course will run every Thursday from 4pm to 6pm.

Course facilitator, Krzysztof Rosa, is a skilled artist and a passionate advocate for making art accessible to all. With a deep appreciation for the sensory experience of art, Krzysztof is committed to creating an inclusive environment where participants can explore their creativity and artistic expression. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with various materials, shapes, and textures, allowing them to craft their sculptures guided by touch, smell, and sound.

For inquiries and expressions of interest, contact insight@fightingblindness.ie. More information can be found at fightingblindness.ie, as well as the attached promo page.

Listen to Fighting Blindness Head of Support, Marta O’Connor, speak with Krzystof about this innovative and unique course on their podcast, or read the transcript attached below.

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