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Audio Description

  • The Examination Programme Notes

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    An award-winning production exploring mental health and human rights in the prison system.

  • The Lion King, Programme notes for audio described performance at Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Thursday 17 January 2022, 7:30pm

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    Disney’s award-winning musical The Lion King explodes with glorious colours, stunning effects and enchanting music. It follows the powerful story of Simba as he journeys from wide-eyed cub to his destined role as King of the Pridelands.

  • Faith Healer, Programme notes for audio described performance at the Abbey Theatre, Saturday 15 Jan 2022, 12pm.

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    Telling the story of Frank, his wife Grace and manager Teddy, we encounter differing perspectives of their absurd and momentous lives together. With each tale come new revelations in this spellbinding narrative.

  • The Long Christmas Dinner, Programme notes for audio described performance at the Abbey Theatre, Thursday 16 2021, 6:30pm.

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    In this shapeshifting meditation on family, progress, death, and renewal, we see the Bayard family experience 90 Christmas dinners over 90 years.

  • Straight to Video, Programme notes for audio described performance at Project Arts Centre on Thursday 25th November 2021

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    Set in the mid-90s, a turbulent period in Tallaght’s social history, against the backdrop of the Drugs Out marches, Straight to Video is a biting new comedy written by, and starring, Emmet Kirwan.

  • What I (Don’t) Know About Autism, programme notes for audio described performances

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    What I (Don’t) Know About Autism takes the audience on a highly theatrical journey. Performed by a cast of autistic and non-autistic actors, it is a sometimes comic, sometimes heartbreaking look at the world of autism. The play mixes narrative, song, dance and direct address to explore this contentious and often misunderstood subject matter.

    Inspired by the writer’s own experiences with autism, the play celebrates autistic identity whilst offering deeper insight and understanding to non-autistic audiences.