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Audio Description

  • Audrey or Sorrow at the Abbey Theatre, Audio Described Performance 24 March 2024

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    In an old house somewhere in Ireland, a young mother watches over her sleeping baby. But, in Marina Carr’s dark and dangerously funny new play, Audrey or Sorrow, nothing is as it seems.

    Audrey or Sorrow will bring audiences on a shape-shifting, time-bending deep dive into a world of family secrets, unimaginable loss, ghosts behaving badly and the endless pull of the sea.

    The play exemplifies Marina Carr’s work to date: storytelling that tunnels deeply into the complicated contours of family dynamics; pushing the boundaries of love, power and desire.

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Audio Described Performance, 12th December 2023

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    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- The Musical  will have its Irish Premiere this December at Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin.

    Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – The Musical tells the devilishly delicious tale of young golden ticket winner Charlie Bucket and the mysterious confectionary wizard Willy Wonka.


  • Somewhere Out There You at The Abbey Theatre, Audio Described Performance, 28th October 2023

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    Presented as part of Dublin Theatre Festival

    He writes poetry! He makes quiche! For once in her life Casey is in a relationship with a man who attends to her every whim and desire. But when her suspicious sister Cynthia starts digging into Brett’s past, she threatens to take away the one good thing that’s ever happened to Casey...

    Somewhere Out There You, Nancy Harris’s dazzling world premiere, is a romantic comedy with a twist, playfully unravelling the love stories we weave for ourselves and inviting us to question what compels us to tell them in the first place.

  • Hermit at The Ark, Audio Described Performance, 7th October 2023

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    An imaginative performance about a teeny tiny house. The owner isn't home. But we can hear him.

    Through movement, music and imagination, Simone de Jong creates a highly visual and funny show about being alone and coming home.

    Presented in partnership with Dublin Theatre Festival as part of the Theatre for Children season at DTF 2023

  • Rothar at The Ark, Audio Described Performance, 2nd October 2023

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    Created by Branar and performed by Miquel Barceló and Moisés Mas García, this joyful production for children aged 4+ celebrates the places your imagination can take you.

    Where can you go when there's nowhere to go?

    In the little bike shop at the end of town, a world of adventure awaits. Two boys and their bikes travel the world in a show that conjures play from the everyday and where anything is possible.

  • The Dan Daw Show, Audio Described Performance at Project Arts Centre, 23rd September 2023

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    Presented by Dublin Fringe Festival

    After having spent a lifetime being an inspiration to others, Dan is finally seizing the moment to inspire himself.

    Taking ownership of the beautiful mess that encompasses all that he is, Dan lets go of who he once was to make room for who he wants to be.

    Dan is joined in an intimate evening of play by performer and collaborator Christopher Owen (Joe Moran, Scottish Dance Theatre) where Dan takes back the power by being dominated on his own terms.

    Nominated for the 2021 National Dance Awards, the 2022 UK Theatre Achievement in Dance Award and directed by Mark Maughan (The Claim, Petrification), The Dan Daw Show is a peep into the shiny and sweaty push pull of living with shame while bursting with pride. This is a show about care, intimacy and resilience, about letting go and reclaiming yourself.