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Sean OCasey Centre 2009 Photo Michael Moran at Michael Moran Studios

Access Audits

An access audit will examine a venue’s current access provision, helping the venue to make plans for any necessary improvements

The audit may look at:

  • Accessibility of the Built Environment
  • Customer Services
  • Human Resources
  • Programmes and Events
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Website.

This can take the form of completing a self-assessment checklist or, for a more thorough assessment, you can contract an access auditor to produce a detailed written report and action plan:

  • Self-assessment will give you useful information about the strengths and weaknesses of a particular venue.
  • A thorough access audit will provide you with recommendations designed to enable you to implement incremental, manageable changes. All forms of access should be taken into consideration, including printed materials, websites, marketing, programming, policies, employment practices and equality budgets, as well as the internal and external environments.

If you would like to find out more about Access Audits, contact Arts & Disability Ireland on or +353 1 8509002

Sean O'Casey Community Centre, East Wall and home to Arts & Disability Ireland

Sean O’Casey Community Centre, East Wall and home to Arts & Disability Ireland

We had previously thought of access purely in terms of physical access and hadn’t considered ways in which we could make our marketing material, programme & customer service more accessible.