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Meet an Artist – interview series

Meet an Artist is an interview series where we chat with some of the artists that we support through our funding, showcasing, commissioning, residency and mentoring programmes. We explore their work, their pathways to practice, look at some of the stand out moments and challenges in their careers as artists.

Ciara Chapman

Ciara Chapman

Ciara Chapman is a visual artist and illustrator based in Cork city. Ciara's work looks at the natural world and how animals, creatures and imagined realities can play a role in exploring the depths and complexity of living with chronic pain.

I Am Martin Sharry, at Town Hall Studio, Galway, 2014. Photo by Jaesin Yu

Martin Sharry

Martin Sharry is a theatre maker and poet based between Galway and Dublin. Martin believes in the spiritual potential of the live event. This can be discovered through clownish action and poetic storytelling.

Untitled by Yvonne Condon at the 185th Royal Hibernian Academy Annual Exhibition, Dublin, 2016. Photo by Hermann Marbe.

Yvonne Condon

Yvonne Condon is a visual artist based in Cork. Yvonne creates hundreds of bold, colourful and expressive paintings that capture the world around her.

A black and white portrait of Áine Stapleton

Áine Stapleton

Áine Stapleton is a choreographer and filmmaker currently based between Ireland and Spain. Áine creates experimental dance productions for stage and screen. Her dance and film practice is focused on biography and the effects of trauma.

Aine O'Hara

Áine O’Hara

Áine O’Hara is a multidisciplinary artist, designer and theatre maker based between Dublin and Mayo. Áine's work aims to question and expose bureaucracies that oppress those who fall outside certain definitions of ‘normal’, ‘valuable’, and ‘productive’. She experiments with form and focuses on connection, conversation and…

Sahaja Budzilla

Sahaja Budzilla

Sahaja Budzilla a visual artist based in West Limerick. From broken tools and discarded metal, he makes mythical figures of power, grace and humour.

Corina Duyn at Nottingham Puppetry Festival, Nottingham Trent University, 2018. Photo Jane Jermyn 680 x 590

Corina Duyn

Corina Duyn is a puppetry artist, sculptor and writer based in Waterford. Her work centres around nature.

Mary Duffy at work

Mary Duffy

Mary Duffy is a visual artist based in north Wicklow. She creates large scale paintings using cold wax medium which are inspired by the fen habitat and landscapes near her home.

Emilie Conway, a woman in her 30's with short white blonde hair stands on a dark stage. She is wearing a navy velvet strapless dress with a dusty pink flower pinned below her left shoulder. Emilie holds a microphone in her right hand and a microphone stand in her right hand. She wears a beaming smile which is lit by a bright light.

Emilie Conway

Emilie Conway is a jazz singer, composer, lyricist based in Dublin. She sings familiar jazz standards, but also seeks out rarer standards for interpretation which she blends with her own compositions, spoken word and poetry, accompanied by improvised or composed music.

Mairéad Folan

Mairéad Folan

Mairéad Folan is a theatre director, creative producer, performer and is Artistic Director of NoRopes Theatre Company. Her work explores issues such as isolation, voicelessness, domestic abuse and tension.

Roderick Ford reads from a volume of his poetry in the Irish Writers Centre. Photo credit: Iggy McGovern

Roderick Ford

Roderick Ford is a poet and playwright. His work explores themes of otherness and othering, of voicelessness and estrangement. His work is populated by outsider figures and hybrids on the borderlines between worlds. He works in non-realistic modes.

Suzanne Walsh

Suzanne Walsh

Suzanne Walsh is an artist and writer who works with music, performance and text. She is a resident in Fire Station Artists’ Studios in Dublin. Her work often explores themes of the human/animal ‘divide’, and the performativity of language. She also writes essays, poetry…

Ruth Le Gear

Ruth Le Gear

As a hybrid artist, Ruth Le Gear's practice mediates between nature, water remedy intervention, and environmental art. Her practice emerges from collaborations and fieldwork projects which examine the qualities of water and the memories held within. Le Gear works with various water bodies including…