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Image of Stephen Kennedy Curated Space writer 2014

Stephen Kennedy

Project Pegasus – Cuddle the Moon, a play by Stephen Kennedy. Commissioned by Arts & Disability Ireland for Curated Space 2014

SAM: But still… it’s the principle of the thing. Why can’t these disabled people make more of an effort? They’re stumblin’ through life deluded, drunk and greedy – just like everyone else. They should be better than that.

TAYLOR: They’re just people, Sam. Normal people.”

Please click on link below to download the full play.

Download Project Pegasus-Cuddle the Moon, a play by Stephen Kennedy

They’re just people, Sam. Normal people

from Project Pegasus

Project Pegasus by Stephen Kennedy for Playwrights Curated Space 2014

Artist Biography

Stephen Kennedy – Mentoring

Stephen Kennedy received an Arts and Disability Connect Mentoring award in 2015 and he was commissioned as part of our Curated Space series in 2014.

Stephen is a playwright based in Dublin. Stephen worked with mentor Gavin Kostic from Fishamble: The New Play Company to develop a new script The Blind and the Half Blind.

His poetry has been published in the Irish Times, The Stinging Fly, Books Ireland, Sunday Tribune, and many other publications – including two recent collections – If Ever You Go: A Map of Dublin in Poetry and Song and New Planet Cabaret.  Stephen has been nominated for the RTE PJ O’Connor Radio Play Awards and shortlisted for the Hennessy XO Literary Awards.  His stage plays have been performed in Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany and the US.  Stephen is also Director of the Dublin Beatles Festival and the founder and organiser of Nighthawks.

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