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Mary Kinsella

The play is set in Dublin. The Almond Blossom Centre. It is 9 am

A bed centre stage. A bedside locker. There is a glass of water and a mobile phone on this. Out to either side a single chair. When the actors sit on these they are out of scene, as in another room. Depending on the lights, the bed is either in the action, or representing the adjacent bathroom.
There is a big clock on the wall behind her which can tick loudly. The clock ticking shows the passing of time in five minute chunks. SAMMY is just waking up in bed.
SAMMY is talking to herself.

SAMMY Where are my carers today? I cannot get help. I think it’s awful that I have to stay in bed all day because I cannot get help.
Oh me, Oh my, what am I going to do?
I really need help…There’s no-one around today only Gerry. Gerry the social care leader, another name for a house parent.

FX: Knock knock.

GERRY Good morning Sammy! I am your helper for today…I’m the only one you have today because of the one-day strike! I’m not part of the F.U.C.K.U.P union…so I can work!
So HOW will we do this? Shall I get your chair for you Sammy?

Download Watching Over Me, a play by Mary Kinsella for Curated Space 2014

Oh me, Oh my, what am I going to do?

Mary Kinsella for Playwrights Curated Space 2014


Mary Kinsella

Mary Kinsella for Playwrights Curated Space 2014

Mary Kinsella is a contributing artist to ADI's Curated Space 2016

Mary was born in Loughrea, Co. Galway and has been writing for many years. She is a member of Away with Words an innovative arts project of That’s Life, Brothers of Charity Services Galway. Mary has had work published in Jessica Casey and Other Works by Away With Words – Salmon Poetry 2012. The short animation film Fairyland Forest produced by That’s Life was based on a story written by Mary. The film won an award at Dublin Animation Film Festival 2014.
Mary collaborated with Jez Colorne in writing of song lyrics for the Trickster Show in the Black Box Theatre Galway 2014. Trickster was commissioned by Galway City and County Councils as part of Ignite.
Mary now lives in Gort, Co. Galway and also enjoys painting, swimming and bocce.

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