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Opportunity: Artist in the Community Scheme Bursary Awards

Posted: 12 June, 2024

The bursary award from Create is aimed at artists whose practice centres on collaboration with individuals or groups/ communities.

The objective of the Artist in the Community (AIC) Scheme Bursary Award is to support individual professional artists in any artform to develop their collaborative socially engaged arts practice. There will be two awards of €15,000 awarded in 2024, offering the artists time to reflect on, and develop, their practice. One of the two bursary awards will be ringfenced for an early career/emerging artist with a track record in collaborative arts practice.

The purpose of the award is to support and nurture professional arts practice. This is a developmental bursary that is underpinned by the Arts Councils Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI, formerly EHRD) Policy and Create’s  Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy; it is aimed at practitioners who are facing particular barriers and/or challenges in developing their collaborative socially engaged arts practice.

The delivery of the bursary is assisted by a suite of partners who align with Create Ireland’s work and the purpose of the AIC Scheme Bursary. These partners will assist in the dissemination of the bursary and support of the awarded artists with up to two support meetings, where appropriate. Visit create-ireland.ie for a full list of potiential partners and more information on the application process.

The bursary of €15,000 will provide the selected artist with time and resources to engage with and reflect on their practice. This may include time to carry out research. More particularly, it allows the artist to consider key questions associated with their collaborative arts practice and collaborative methodologies.

There will be an information session on 27 June to learn more about the scheme. At this clinic, potential applicants can meet with Create and members of the Artist Mentor Panel to get advice and support on their potential ideas for the bursary.

The application takes the form of an Expression of Interest, to be completed online. This provides space for applicants to identify challenges and barriers to progressing their collaborative arts practice and outline how this bursary and the support it offers will enable a transformational impact on their arts practice. If you have questions regarding the bursary, consult the FAQ document.

Shortlisted applicants will be offered feedback and invited to meet with the decision making panel to discuss their expression of interest, following which two awards will be granted.

The closing date for applications is 5pm, Monday 29 July 2024.

Photo courtesy of Create Ireland, by Brian Cregan.


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