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Opportunity: Irish Writers Centre Course Bursaries 2024

Posted: 29 April, 2024

The Irish Writers Centre is pleased to announce a new round of course bursaries for writers living on the island of Ireland, made possible with support from the Arts Council of Ireland.

These bursaries will enable writers to develop their skills through funded places at Irish Writers Centre creative writing courses, and create access by subsidising costs to individuals who may not otherwise be able to take a course.

15 bursaries will be awarded to writers from backgrounds typically underrepresented in Irish Literature. Bursary recipients will receive course credit worth €165 towards a course at the IWC. The deadline to apply is May 8, 2024 at 5pm, you can apply here.

The Irish Writers Centre facilitates up to 150 courses a year for writers at every stage of their career. They provide a range of in-person and online courses including novel writing, short story, poetry, and creative non-fiction. You can browse their courses here.

These bursaries are specifically for writers from backgrounds typically underrepresented in the arts in Ireland: Minority ethnic, Black or Person of Colour, Person with a Disability, LGBTQIA+, Member of the Travelling Community, Roma and Unwaged / Low-Income. You can view the full Eligibility and Selection Criteria at irishwriterscentre.ie.

The Irish Writers Centre is the leading support and development organisation for writers since 1991, the Irish Writers Centre carries out its work, online and in person, on an all-island basis. We work with writers of all types and talents, and actively encourage writers from all communities to engage in creative writing. We provide many ways and means for them to develop their skill, advance their ambitions and join a vibrant and diverse community of people who share their passion and purpose. We are also a membership organisation, always seeking new opportunities for members to grow as writers and to connect with each other through IWC programmes and supports.

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