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A group of people photographed slightly from above standing on a cobblestone path. From left to right are Anne wearing a teal jacket with blonde hair,AlanJames with short brown hair and facial hair wearing a denim shirt, Deirdre in a bright yellow coat with shoulder length brown hair and a fringe, Anne with curly shoulder length brown hair wearing a beige suit jacket, Colin with short brown hair in a navy suit jacket, Marina with long brown hair in a red jacket, and Neasa with long brown hair, wearing an olive green scarf and beige jumper. Axis Story Axis
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 TicketmasterEmmen2! —— Solivair Birks Theedgeemmen2@! The edge It is quite simply the best present I ever have gotten. It’s so good that I don’t even know how we can possibly give presents to each other after this, it all pales in comparison! Miss Rumphius is a stunning book, it reminds me of Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole that I had as a kid (which brilliantly ends with the princess turning her prince into a frog and driving off in a convertible). The illustration is gorgeous and with the botanical themes, all I could think of was Landon’s love of plants! Thank you so much for your insight into why you chose it, it is such a precious gift. Absolutely, Dublin is a haven for bookshops also! Thank you so much again, Tiffany ❤️ 35276 132d19180 11.15 2nd Jan Hannah found a lump. It’s nothing, right? Exploring her experience with cancer, what happens when an aerialist can’t trust their body to keep them safe? 

Hannah found a lump. She’s staying calm and not Googling her symptoms (ok, maybe only a little). Everything will be fine, right? An exploration of circus and theatre based on her own experience with cancer.. Hannah found a lump. It’s nothing really, everything will be ok, right? An exploration of circus and theatre based on her own experience with cancer. She’s staying calm and isn’t googling her symptoms. Everything will be ok right? An exploration of circus and theatre based on her own experience with cancer. Hannah found a lump. An exploration of what happens when an aerialist can’t trust their body, based on her own experience with cancer. Supported by 
Arts Council Ireland, Dublin City Arts Office, Taking Flight, Dance Ireland, and Circusful

With thanks to Anne Marie, Jackie, Myra, and all in the Bons Secours Oncology Ward

For Sophie who ran cold water over my wrists when no one else knew.
For Katie who brought me strawberries when I couldn’t eat anything else.
For Sue who was gone too soon. Photography by Monika Palova Mentors Emmen Jude Donnelly, Lindsey Butcher, Betty Duffy With love to Grace For Sophie who ran cold water on my wrists. For Katie who brought me strawberries. For Suzanne who was gone too soon. For more information on how to get checked, please visit Irishcancersociety.ie ——— Lucy and Yak

Alexa Trousers: ORGANIC COTTON - Black Black S (UK 8-10) REG _____ ADIArtsAdmin24! A powerful, uplifting duet exploring ageing and care, blending visceral imagery, dance and music. Celebrating the strength of mature bodies and challenging the cult of youth, the show is a reclaiming of the ageing body created by dance-theatre innovators Junk Ensemble. Featuring acclaimed actor Mikel Murfi and leading dance artist Finola Cronin (formerly of Pina Bausch’s Tanztheater Wuppertal) the performers are heroic, vulnerable, comedic, and completely themselves in the work. They care fiercely for each other and defend their independence. As they hold each other up and push each other down, the ‘performance’ of age is unpacked as a reminder of ourselves: our worst and our best. Project Arts Centre and Junk Ensemble are thrilled to present an ISL Performance featuring Caoimhe Gray, followed by a post-show discussion moderated by Cian O’ Brian on Thursday, March 28. If you require assistance for your visit, email access@projectartscentre.ie or call 01 8819 613. You can find the latest information about Project’s accessibility here. For more information, visit projectarts.ie. A black and white photo of a man stood to camera shirtless, his face is being pulled by two hands emerging from behind him. Two people in a black and white photo mid-motion. A man is holding a woman dressed in all black. He has his arms around her shoulders and behind her knees and is halfway between standing and the floor. Shrugs Rd and hanging Twists Pullups Ticks frog leg lifts Front and back balances Twists Pike straddles Meathooks Etsyemmen2! Insta Scene+Heard24! Headphones? Exfoliant. Charger Nails Pack toiletries Pyjamas? Pitta bread? Hummus. Pickles Salad leaves. Bananas. Sparkling water. shrugs, tucks, froggies, leg lifts, straddles, up and overs shrugs, tucks, short arm hold, long arm hold, negative pull ups, postitive pull ups Sad phone calls Nyci Back Hive Sorcha talk Painkiller bag Paul ocd No thank you on podcast Covid in family Balance of efforts Vault and checking Laptop Dyke ring 89602106246 104913 Mayonnaise. Cherries Broccoli Cauliflower. Elderflower tonic? Sparkling water. Hummus. Feta Seedy bread? Cordial. Cancer feels like your own body has betrayed you, and I think an audience can relate to this in multiple ways. Either through their own experience of cancer, but also chronic illness, disability, watching the body age or change, or even simply negative body image. I want the audience to feel the impact of holding the shame and silence around the topic of cancer treatment. While we often raise awareness of recovery or research, many cancer patients wait until their remission to share their experience. The disease can often swallow up everything including your own identity. There is an impatience to cancer that I would like the audience to feel. This is represented in the waiting room, but also in the sense waiting for it to all be over. Circus is an unusual and radical art form, and from my experience the audience is always waiting on the edge of their seat to see what happens next. There is also the waiting to go back to normal or even for there to be celebrations. Instead we often return back to the same waiting room seat. I intend to illicit these emotional responses from the audience through storytelling, sharing my own experience honestly, and using dark humour. I think aerial dance in particular will be an excellent tool to make my audience feel the emotions that I am sharing in this performance. Circus and cancer both leave the viewer to looking on in suspense, wondering what will come next and knowing that it could end badly at any moment.

Vibes and Scribes https://theculturetrip.com/europe/ireland/articles/the-best-bookstores-in-irelands-second-largest-city-of-cork/

English Market Marina market Crawford gallery 
CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory
Ballymaloe (on way there or back?)
Fitzgerald park
Old head of kindle (v far, 1hr drive) Mahon Shopping centre farmers market on thurs Crawford gallery Hayfield manor Imperial hotel Bakkycotton Michelltown cave cahri Microsoftemmen2! Live BootsEmmen22! Boots Bendytwirlyemmen24! Paypal Reprots Smh invoice Zoomemmen24! camrab-moqpiB-4jykke Etsy Mindbodytwirlyemmen2! Yogahun Fg he fg I feel like you see me as responsible for all your feelings and I can’t do that. How we say goodbye How we say goodnight 

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 * What's on your mind? * And what else? * What's the real challenge here for you? * What do you want. * How can I help? * If you're saying yes to this, what are you saying no to? * What was most useful for you? shrugs, tucks, froggies, leg lifts, up and overs, straddles Hannah has been teaching and training a range of aerial apparatus across trapeze, rope, silk, hoop, wall running, cocoon, and counterweight to kids and adults since 2017, graduating as an instructor with École Nationale de Cirque in 2019. She initiates and supports connection and communication across social circus and community outreach projects. This includes collaborations with École Nationale de Cirque, High Performance Rigging, Youth Theatre Ireland, Dublin Youth Theatre, youth projects with secondary schools across Dublin, local LGBT groups such as BeLonG To and Wet and Wild, as well as tailoring our services to support local groups and individuals to build connection and relationships. She facilitated inclusive and accessible aerial training to support disabled and adaptive athletes, supported by Cara of Sport Ireland and and Kingston Circus Arts. Most recently she developed Circus Club in partnership with St. Michael’s House and KLEAR Kilbarrack, which run classes for children with disabilities and additional needs in collaboration with their occupational therapists and physios.  Spin teq Foot Hands Standing Find another way Backwards lying spin Straight legs Legs apart Prawn Hands nivhaC-verpa9-kopdop Em Sadbh Josh Erin sexton Katr Leah assisting Sean cover Jessica fabric ac Adela Silas Lunge forward Side foot hold stag 20 sec Band at knees 6 squats Child’s pose move forward and back Straight leg lift lower back and hands into ground Child’s pose to relive Opp leg over to relieve Lunge forward reaching to same side knee Ex?!_2ve$_2%pbcAn Bendyemmen24! Hannah Gumbrielle is a community manager, multi-disiplinary aerial artist, and illustrator. She is based in Taking Flight, and is dedicated to the development of the arts through education, performance and community. She is passionate about engagement in the arts, and focuses on youth and disability inclusion. Hannah teaches a range of skills across rope, silks, cocoon, wall running, spiral, as well as dance, flying, and static trapeze. Culture Night, Phizzfest, the Create Project, Creative Intensive, been featured in Totally Dublin magazine. Hannah is happiest twirling at warp speed in a hammock, but trains and teaches a range of skills across rope, harness, wall running, counterweight, spiral, as well as dance, flying, and static trapeze. Her background in science means she particularly enjoys breaking down the mechanics of aerial and generally geeking out about physics. She has performed as part of Culture Night, the Create Project, IACC’s Creative Intensive, been featured in Totally Dublin magazine, and in 2019 she graduated with Ecole Nationale de Cirque, Montreal, in Circus Instruction. When she isn’t spinning, she is an illustrator, and is likely covered in paint at any given time. 15 Shrugs Mounts Swap cocoons 15 Tiny drop Slide into fabric 20 Hipkey drop or up and over from salto 10 Orbits Swings Spinning 1206 #circus #aerialhammock #aerial Tom 111 05/27 4319473938599104 Rent 1044.23 +17708150006 056 31324 4709 3647
 Shrugs, high and low Pullups, leg lifts, tucks, froggies, around the world 
 Hannah Gumbrielle is a community manager, multi-disiplinary aerial artist, and illustrator. She is based in Taking Flight, and is dedicated to the development of the arts through education, performance and community. She is passionate about engagement in the arts, and focuses on youth and disability inclusion. Hannah teaches a range of skills across rope, silks, cocoon, wall running, spiral, as well as dance, flying, and static trapeze. When she isn't in the air, is an illustrator and has shown her work at Artsource and Farmleigh. She has performed as part of Culture Night, the Create Project, Creative Intensive, been featured in Totally Dublin magazine. You can see her perform or view her work https://isacs.ie/isacs/isacs-group-insurance-scheme-the-next-step/ Tom O’Leary BA CIP Business Development Executive LHK Group Rosemount House, Dundrum Road, Co Dublin D14 P924, Ireland DD: 01 205 5624 | M: 086 083 6484 www.lhkgroup.ie | tom.oleary@lhkgroup.ie I now release the blocks in my heart that prevent me from experiencing love and joy now.
I am love,
I am ready for love, And I receive love. (If you’re looking for a non-conventional method of conditioning your grip strength, may I suggest crushing fruit with your bare hands) Safeguarding 1 Child Welfare and Protection Workshop - Sport Ireland, Dublin Guidance and basic awareness. January 2020 Anna: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6581301221?pwd=cVkxNXNpZjd1QkcyeEtKaUZuUTVKdz09 Meeting ID: 658 130 1221 Password: 4823 https://www.sinsinvalid.org/blog/10-principles-of-disability-justice https://arsenalpulp.com/Books/C/Care-Work Reflective Questions: 1. Why am I interested in this work? 2. Do I value the opinion of the Disability community and do I listen? 3. Have I or do I get defensive when challenged about access, Disability etc? What do I really think about Disability? Am I afraid? 4. What does inclusion mean to me? Imperium Promising young woman It’s a sin My days of mercy Street League' I may destroy you Cry me a river x 3 How you like that Naked Physical Never really over When I grow up Motivation Monster Finesse Stupid love 34 35 Best friend Teenage dream x 2 No tears to cry Baby boy Lizzo Womanizer Don’t start now Love me harder I will get the arts council circus bursary first round in 2021 I will move out into a beautiful apartment with lovely roommates who are my friends and will be supported financially I will make contact with Rueben Kaye and find out how to tour with Kaye hole We will get mum two amazing rescue terriers I will heal fully emotionally and feel like the deity I am I will explore my queerness freely and happily I will romantically love someone who respects me, is actively kind, open to emotional growth and development, passionate, compatible and loves me back https://youtu.be/7kaiQl-bQYE Mon 12th https://youtu.be/dW4pAMrr528 ALLYKAT10 2BRALETTES GIFT50 Twirlyemmen24! Bendytwirlybangleemmen2! - gmail Bendyemmen24! Twirlyemmen2! -Apple Bangleemmen242! 8631568V 056 Hips - emmen seq Shoulders single, double lift Spine -cats

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Opportunity: Rethink Ireland’s Disability Participation and Awareness Fund 2024

Posted: 14 March, 2024

Funding announced by Rethink Ireland and the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth is set to accelerate access and skills-building for people with disabilities, with a €3.5 million injection of funding for the sector to support projects.

Five high-performing projects that applied under the 2023 application process were awarded a share of €1.1 million. These include Project Arts Centre, SOS Kilkenny, Cumas New Ross, Paralympics Ireland, and No Barriers Foundation. Up 10 new projects will be eligible to share in funding worth a total of €2.4m available through application for the funding below.

The 2024 Disability Participation and Awareness Fund is now open for applications from change-making non-profit organisations focused on supporting people with disabilities to participate in community life. This includes social, cultural, arts and sports participation, as well as promoting disability awareness and training at a local level, and supporting pathways for young people transitioning through education.

The goal of the Disability Participation and Awareness Fund 2024 is to support innovative projects or organisations across Ireland to: 

  1. Enhance community, social, cultural and physical participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of community life.
  2. Promote disability awareness and training for people with disabilities at the local level.
  3. Promote innovation in supports and pathways for teenagers transitioning from secondary school through the use of innovative and meaningful services, products or programmes.

The Fund offers a package of cash grants and non-financial supports to the value of €200,000* for up to 10 projects, to help them expand and increase their social impact.

This includes:

  • Up to 10 awards of up to €200,000*
  • The non-financial supports will include:
    • a place on Rethink Ireland’s Accelerator Programme
    • bespoke business and capacity building supports designed in consultation with the successful projects on topics such as strategic planning, maximising your impact, communications, storytelling and fundraising.
  • Access to Rethink Ireland’s networks.

You can apply to The Disability Participation and Awareness Fund 2024 via the online portal until 5th April 2024. For more information and to apply, visit rethinkireland.ie.

If you would like to access an Easy Read version of these Fund Guidelines, please click here.

Join Rethink Ireland for their application clinics to find out more and answer any questions that you have. The next application clinic will be held on Thursday, 20th March at 1 pm: Register here


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