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Opportunity: Axis Artist Bursaries 2024

Posted: 1 March, 2024

Axis announce opening of Axis Assemble and Axis Playground Bursaries for 2024. 

Axis Assemble: €2,000 / for artists at all stages of their career and from all backgrounds to explore and develop new ideas

Axis Play:Ground: €6,000 / for an artist with disabilities/disabled artist to explore and develop new ideas

Since 2004, Axis has worked to develop and produce new writing and theatre making locally, nationally and internationally, while also facilitating the growth of hundreds of artists through our many programmes and initiatives. Axis are proud to be a cultural hub on the Northside of Dublin, where artists and the public gather to encounter new work and new ideas. 

The 2024 Axis Artist Bursary Programme is an eight-month opportunity for artists to grow their creative practice and develop new ideas, facilitated by: 

  • financial support 
  • development space 
  • dramaturgical and creative mentorship 
  • engagement with fellow artists 
  • artist led sessions to support sustainability in practice 

The 2024 Axis Artist Bursary Programme will run from April to November 2024 and is for artists who have at least some professional experience or training. This bursary is for practitioners based in the Greater Dublin area. While the programme is primarily focused on performing arts disciplines, there may be scope to support artists who wish to engage with other art forms. 

For more detail on the Axis Assemble Bursaries & How to Apply: click here

For more detail on the Axis Play:Ground Bursary & How to Apply: click here

The deadline is Friday 22 March 2024 at 6pm.

Axis are especially keen to hear from: 

  • Artists from communities who are underrepresented in Irish arts, or who face barriers to accessing opportunities to develop their practice and work, such as (but not limited to) people who identify as Minority Ethnic or identify with multiple ethnicities, people who identify as LGBTQIA+, as having a disability/being disabled, members of Mincéir/Traveller and Roma Communities, and any intersection of these or other identities.  
  • Artists who identify as having a disability/being disabled. 
    Please note: In addition to the Axis Assemble programme, a bursary will be specifically allocated to an artist with a disability under the Axis Playground scheme. Please see further information on the Axis Playground scheme here. There is an additional budget available to help meet access requirements. 
  • Artists who work bi-lingually, or who work in/with languages other than English. 
  • Artists with a connection to Ballymun and/or the Northside of the city (please note, you don’t have to be living in these areas to apply) 
  • Parenting artists who may require a more flexible support structure: 
  • While Axis regret that they cannot provide childcare, they do welcome parenting artists who may wish to bring their children to a workshop or development space/session with them. There is no age limit restriction on the age of the child/ren. Axis has child protection policies and procedures in place.  
  • Should you wish to nominate someone to draft your application with or for you, please note the application should be in your name. Please tell us also who drafted it with or for you. Please let us know how best to communicate with you in relation to your application. 

At least one bursary will be allocated to an artist who identifies as being from an underrepresented community with a commitment to support any additional needs or barriers to access that the artist may identify within the capacity of their resources. There is no expectation for you to draw on your life experience in the work that you make. Please feel encouraged to make the art you wish to make. 

The aim is to support artists in the best way that Axis can within their resources to develop themselves and their practice. If Axis haven’t listed a barrier or support here to your application, they encourage you to get in touch and will do their best to see how they can accommodate you. 

For any further queries or assistance, email axisplayground@gmail.com  or call 01 883 2148. 


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