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The exterior of the Limerick City Arts Gallery. The building features a large oval door at the entrance, with a small square sign above. There are four square windows to the right of the building, and four rounded, oval windows to the left. In the foreground there are two beds of red flowers either side of a pathway across the road from the gallery.

Opportunity: Test Space Residency at Limerick City Arts Gallery

Posted: 15 December, 2023

Limerick City Gallery of Art is delighted to announce an open call for the upcoming 2024 edition of the Test Space Residency programme.

Test Space Residency is a programme which has been running since 2021. It facilitates studio space, financial support, and mentoring for a wide range of practitioners who wish to engage with the gallery.

Limerick City Gallery of Art (LCGA) is expecting to host 4 residencies during 2024, selected through this open call, each for eight weeks duration. Practitioners are asked to spend at least 15 hours per week in the gallery. Informed by a strong commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) values, the programme asks practitioners to spend this time developing an EDI related community arts practise, new project or research, and to engage with visitors, selected communities and staff at the gallery.

This year, the Test Space residency is not just being offered to artists, but seeks inclusive applications across all art forms and disciplines. This includes but is not limited to; researchers, artists, curators, arts academics, educators, writers, poets, performing artists, film and media producers, and those working cross-disciplinary or in mixed media.

  • Provisions by LCGA include the following:
  • Use of a large upstairs studio space (Herbert Gallery)
  • Support and guidance from the LCGA team
  • Access to the Collection or archives as relevant
  • The opportunity to host a workshop or public engagement event of your choice at the gallery
  • A competitive practitioners fee

Applications are open until 5pm 22 December 2023. Full information regarding this open call can be found on the LCGA website. For any further enquiries, please email artgallery@limerick.ie

LCGA is committed to an Equality, Human Rights and Diversity (EHRD) policy, which promotes equality of opportunity for all, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, civic or family status, religion, age, disability, socio-economic background, race, or as a member of the Traveller community.

Supported by Limerick City and County Council and the Arts Council.


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