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Opportunity: Age & Opportunity and Arts & Disability Ireland are seeking tenders

Posted: 23 October, 2023

Age & Opportunity and Arts & Disability Ireland are seeking tenders from suitably qualified individuals or organisations to carry out an Arts, Disability and Older Person training review as part of its joint Access initiative.

Age & Opportunity and Arts & Disability Ireland have been working together for a number of years to generate information on older audiences and those with disabilities. Part of our work involves developing training supports for arts organisations wishing to work with older people. As a first step in delivering these supports, we wish to ascertain what key arts, disability and older people training supports currently exist in Ireland and more particularly, further afield. This work will feed into and support the rolling out of Age & Opportunity’s Arts and Creative Charter for Older People.

Age & Opportunity: 

The national organisation that provides a range of opportunities for older people who want to get more involved in arts and culture, sport and physical activity, civic engagement and personal development. Their aim is to enable the best quality of life for us all as we age, where we are more active, more visible, more creative, more connected and more confident.

Arts and Creative Charter for Older People:

The Arts and Creative Charter for Older People is a set of eight commitments to older arts participants, audiences and artists in Ireland. It aims to increase and enrich their experience of and confidence in arts organisations in Ireland. The Charter was developed over three years as an alignment and collaboration between arts policymakers, practitioners and the public.

More information on the tender and how to apply can be downloaded from the following document:

Tender for Researcher for Arts, Disability and Older Person training review

Interested parties should submit a proposal to Jessica Burton Restrick, Arts Programme Administrator at arts@ageandopportunity.ie by 5pm, Friday 3rd November.

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