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Arts Grants and Bursary Awards 2024: Dublin City Council

Posted: 2 October, 2023

Arts Grants and Bursary Awards 2024

A fantastic opportunity invites applications for funding towards arts projects and programmes in the city which are complementary to the following objectives:

-Stimulating public interest in the Arts,
-Promoting knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts, or
-Improving standards in the arts within its functional area (Dublin City).

Dublin City Council through the City Arts Office is conducting a review of Arts Grants. For some time City Councillors engaged in adjudicating the Arts Grants process have pointed out that the funds allocated have not increased for many years. There is also a recognition that Arts funding has naturally been greater in areas where arts infrastructure such as theatres and galleries are concentrated i.e. close to the city centre and as well as supporting the great arts organisations and building in central Dublin, Dublin City Council also want to further develop and support Artists, Participants and Audiences outside of the city centre.

The arts are a unique and fundamental part of Dublin’s identity. The City Arts Office ensures that the arts remain a vital part of living in, working in and visiting the capital city. By leading, developing and working in partnership, they support artists, arts organisations and the city’s communities to deliver quality arts experiences that contribute to Dublin’s cultural life and its reputation as a modern vibrant city, rich in heritage.

Open call deadline is on the 22nd of November 2023

You can sign up for Information Sessions which are being held on Thursday 12th of October for all categories of Arts Grants & Bursary Awards to provide help and guidance with all aspect of the application process.

Find out more information on how to sign up here


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