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Arts and Disability Connect announcement for round one 2022

Posted: 24 August, 2022

The Arts Council and Arts & Disability Ireland announce the awarded artists for round one of the Arts and Disability Connect scheme 2022.

The Arts and Disability Connect scheme is designed to support artists with disabilities to be ambitious, to develop their practice and to connect with arts organisations and arts professionals in Ireland. €120,000 will be awarded to artists with disabilities through the scheme in 2022.

The Arts Council and Arts & Disability Ireland are delighted to announce that €62,000 has been awarded to 16 artists through New Work, Research and Development, Mentoring and Training awards in round one.

“Year on year, the Arts and Disability Connect scheme in funding the creativity of artists with disabilities, continues to push the boundaries ever further, contributing their unique perspectives to the cultural life of Ireland.” Pádraig Naughton, Executive Director of Arts & Disability Ireland.

New Work Award
New Work awards give artists the resources and time to develop and present new and ambitious work. Artists work with an arts partner to support them to get this new work seen by audiences. In this round, two artists received New Work awards.

Áine O’Hara is a Dublin-based visual artist and theatre-maker. In partnership with Dublin Fringe Festival, Áine will present a large scale socially engaged visual arts installation ‘Rest Rooms’ at Dublin Fringe Festival 2022.

Leah Moore is a film-maker from Dublin. In partnership with glór in Ennis, Leah will make a short film. ‘In the cards’ is a romantic comedy about two best friends parting ways which will be presented to audiences in May 2023.

Research and Development Award
Research and Development awards give artists time to think, research, reflect and critically engage with their practice. In this round, three artists received Research and Development awards.

Arnold Thomas Fanning is a writer from Cork. Arnold will take time to expand his creative writing practice. He will research and write a new long-form essay on themes of walking, creativity, well-being and mental health.

Eoin O’Malley is a visual artist from Wicklow. Eoin will use this time in the studio to research, develop themes and work on large scale paintings. He wants to work with videographer, Luke Brabazon and artist and writer, Clare Scott to document this research phase as he works towards seeking out future exhibition opportunities.

Tadhg Kinsella is a Dublin-based musician. Tadhg will take time to develop and research a series of different styles and approaches of composing music for live electronics and percussion; with the aim of challenging, discovering and normalising alternative possibilities for creating music.

Mentoring Award
Mentoring awards give artists the resources to develop a mentoring relationship with a more established arts professional. Artists work on an element of their practice with their mentor. In this round, seven artists received Mentoring awards.

Edward Griffith is a writer from Mayo. Edward will work with mentor Molly Twomey to develop his poetry practice around themes of nature, environmental concerns and personal exploration.

Em Ormonde is a theatre-maker and director from Dublin. Em will work with mentor Ultan Pringle to develop script writing and dramaturgical skills.

HK Ní Shioradáin is a composer from Dublin. HK will work with mentor Emer Landers to expand their practice as a composer, focusing on music technology and making connections in the industry.

Lane Shipsey is a film-maker and visual artist based in Cork. Lane will work with mentor Ángel Luis Gonzáles. The mentorship will focus on critiquing and refining a collection of linked photographs, connecting with curators and exploring exhibition opportunities.

Niamh Gibbons is a visual artist from Co Mayo. Working with mentor Lisa Crown, Niamh will focus on developing her professional arts practice.

Róisín deBúrca is a theatre-maker from Galway. Róisín will work with mentor Eileen Gibbons to further develop and edit a script ‘Love Knows No Limits’.

Roisin Ní Neachtain is a visual artist based in Kildare. Roisin will work with mentor Brian Maguire. The mentorship will focus on a series of critical conversations to focus and develop Roisin’s art practice.

Training Award
Training awards give artists the resources to learn skills through courses, workshops and masterclasses facilitated by arts organisations, artists and arts professionals. In this round, four artists received Training awards.

Carol Ahern is a visual artist from Limerick. Carol will attend training sessions with visual artist Sheila Richardson to focus on developing painting techniques.

Elena Horgan is a Cork-based visual artist. Elena will attend The Darkroom’s ‘The Art of Photography’ training facilitated by photographers Mella Travers and Mandy O’Neill.

John Moylan is a visual artist from Kilkenny. John will attend ROOTS training programme with Mairead Holohan at KCAT to expand his work with acrylics and pastels.

Martina Nolan is a Kilkenny-based visual artist. Martina will attend ROOTS training programme with Mairead Holohan at KCAT to further develop her use of acrylics and colour in her work.

Congratulations to all of the awarded artists!

For more information about the Arts and Disability Connect scheme see www.adiarts.ie/connect


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