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Headshots of Miguel Amado, Sara Greavu, Sheena Barrett and Belinda Quirke

2022 Studio Visit programme

Posted: 6 December, 2021

Arts & Disability Ireland and Fire Station Artists’ Studios are delighted to announce the 9 successful artists for our 2022 Studio Visit programme.

Congratulations to Anthony Cullen, Ciara Chapman, Gerard Fenniman, Jennifer Cunningham, Lindsey Power, Niki Collier, Roisin Ní Neachtain, Sarah Keenan and Tara Carroll.

Gerard Fenniman and Tara Carroll will participate in a studio visit with Miguel Amado, Director and Curator at Sirius Arts Centre.

Ciara Chapman, Roisin Ní Neachtain and Sarah Keenan will participate in a studio visit with Sara Greavu, Curator of Visual Arts at Project Arts Centre.

Jennifer Cunningham and Niki Collier will participate in a studio visit with Sheena Barrett, Curator of The LAB Gallery.

Anthony Cullen and Lindsey Power will participate in a studio visit with Belinda Quirke, Director at Solstice Arts Centre.

What is a studio visit?
The purpose of the studio visit is for artists and curators to have a conversation about the artist’s work and troubleshoot areas of the artist’s practice. This first conversation could lead to building a relationship over time.

Studio visits are intimate meetings between artists and curators that are focused on the artist’s practice, their work and interests. Artists invite curators, programmers or arts managers for a studio visit to discuss their practice.

This can happen at the artist’s studio, in a café, meeting space or sometimes online. In advance the curator will research the artist. The artist will choose what artworks they’d like to show the curator. Both the artist and curator will be prepared to discuss their work. All of this preparation is a starting point for a conversation.

In a studio visit the conversation may address themes of the artist’s work, works in progress, ideas around potential exhibition opportunities, audiences for future work, introducing references by other artists, professional development opportunities and critical responses.


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