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Electric Dreams band members in Space

Electric Dreams’ debut album – Behind the Mask – is out now!

Posted: 9 April, 2020

Electric Dreams bring their unique brand of feel-good grooves and catchy hooks to the table with their debut album – Behind The Mask. A diverse bunch, the band’s sound sits snugly in between pop, RNB, and indie, and their music comes with a message of inclusion and community.

Crisp beats, sparkly guitars and melodic synths come together with upbeat lyrics to make for an unforgettable sound. Entirely written and recorded by the band in their Galway-based studio, the six-track album was polished off by veteran producer Bob Macciochi of SG Mastering, UK.

Listen to Behind the Mask or pick up your copy for just €6 today here:

CD Baby

Electric Dreams are supported by That’s Life, the award-winning arts programme of the Brothers of Charity Services, Galway, That’s Life offers people with intellectual disabilities opportunity to discover and realise their artistic potential, through working with established artists and participation in high-quality arts programmes.


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