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Opportunity: International Placement with Unlimited

Posted: 18 September, 2019

For the third time running, Unlimited are partnering with British Council to offer a placement for a disabled arts administrator, producer or curator, based outside of the UK.

Unlimited Project Manager Clara Giraud shares some insight into this unique opportunity.

What is it?
The placement is a paid professional development opportunity, to get involved with the delivery team for the Unlimited programme supporting work by disabled artists, in the United Kingdom. It will involve the placement holder visiting London for several weeks in March-May period to get to know the Unlimited delivery partner organisations (Shape Arts and Artsadmin), and the Unlimited team. There will be a second trip to London early September 2020, to assist the Unlimited team in the activity around Southbank Centre’s Unlimited Festival.

Who is it for?
This opportunity is for individuals that identify as disabled, and who have professional experience of working in the arts sector, whether that be through employment or self-initiated projects. The role is aimed to develop project managing, producing, event managing and arts administrative skills, and will be tailored to work to the strengths and interests of the placement holder. It is for an individual living anywhere in the world outside of the UK, with a high level of spoken and written English, or British Sign Language, that will enable them to fully benefit from the experience.

What support is in place?
This is a paid opportunity – placement holders will be paid for their time working with us, and all travel, accommodation, subsistence costs will be covered by Unlimited. We encourage applications from individuals that have not travelled before, or have access needs when travelling or in working situation, and we will fully support you and assist you in making arrangements. If you require a visa to do the work placement in the UK, we will help you in this process, and pay for the costs incurred.

What do you mean by ‘disabled’?
Unlimited uses a definition of disability based on the Social Model of Disability. This focuses on the disabling barriers imposed by society, embraces all physical, sensory and invisible impairments, learning disability, mental health and fatigue conditions. This definition also includes deaf people.

Because we recognise that people’s perspectives and experience of disability are very wide ranging, we have a broad and inclusive approach to what disability means.

What makes a good application?
We’re looking for a pro-active, curious, generous individual, keen to learn from Unlimited, but also able to contribute to the programme. It’s great to know specific areas of professional development applicants are looking to address through the placement, what skills and knowledge they want to get from it. We also want to know what expertise you can bring to us – we look forward to learning from you! Tell us why you want to do this placement now, how it fits with where you are professionally, and what you think the impact will be on your own path as well as the sector and context you live in.

All details about the placement opportunity, criteria, person specification, and how to apply can be found here.

To apply: please fill in the application form on the online application portal, with your Curriculum Vitae (CV) attached at https://apply.artsadmin.co.uk by Monday 14 October 2019, deadline 12 noon GMT.

Photo: Rachel Cherry

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