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Playground: axis: Ballymun residency award for performing artists with disabilities

Posted: 10 November, 2017

axis: Ballymun are pleased to announce their performing arts residency Playground for artists with disabilities. This residency is designed to support the professional development and the creation of new work by performing artists with disabilities.

The awarded residency will take place in axis: Ballymun between January and June 2018 (up to 6 months). Following several successful residencies across various disciplines, axis will offer a residency and bursary to an artist with a disability who is interested in developing their performing arts practice.

What does the residency entail?

• Studio space (shared studio space in axis Dance Studio, Recording Studio, Art Studio and Theatre subject to requirements and availability).
• Office space and administrative support may be incorporated in to the above on request.
• Presentation/Performance space*
• An artists’ fee of €4,000 (to include any materials and/or production costs).
• Access budget of up to €1,000, if required, to facilitate the award recipient’s access requirements.**

*Technical and presentation support to be agreed in partnership with the artist. Technical and time requirements depending, this may incur a chargeback of staff/engineer costs, but theatre hire will be waived.

**Please note that the residency is not resourced to support artists with accommodation, transport and access requirement costs beyond the amount set out above. This residency was initially developed in partnership with Arts & Disability Ireland (ADI), who continue to support the scheme in an advisory capacity. This residency is made possible thanks to the support of the Arts Council of Ireland.

Closing date for applications: Thursday 14th December, 2017.

Timeline and application info

This residency will commence in January 2018 and the duration, spaces and access requirements will be mapped out dependant on the selected proposal with the artist and axis staff. Resident artists are expected to engage in on-going communication and feedback with Axis and will be asked to share their work/progress via communication through our websites, social networks and other platforms. This communication will be discussed with the artist in advance so as to safeguard the artist and allow space for their work to develop through all parts of the process.

Eligibility: Irish based performing artists with disabilities of all disciplines aged 18+ are eligible to apply.**

To apply please send:

• A letter of interest: Explain why you think you would benefit from this residency award and identify a facet of your practice you would like to develop over the course of the residency. Please include a rough timeline, bearing in mind that this can be spread out over 6 months, or involve shorter, more intensive periods, subject to availability of spaces and resources. (.doc, max 500 words)

• CV (.doc, max 2 pages)

• Supporting documentation: examples of previous work. (max 10 images/works of up to 1gb in the following formats: .jpg, .wav, .mp3, .mp4, .pdf, .doc.)

• List of enclosed supporting documentation included in the application in a word file (.doc).

• Please outline any access requirements you may have in relation to this programme.  (.doc)

Please use WeTransfer to send us all of your application files.

1. Go to www.wetransfer.com.

2. Add the files you wish to send.

3. Enter recipient email address: leigh.hussey@axisballymun.ie.

4. Enter your own email address.

5. Add a message: ‘Playground application (insert your name)’

6. Click Transfer.

You will receive a confirmation email from WeTransfer stating that the files have been sent and a subsequent confirmation email when the files are downloaded by axis.

For further information contact:
niamh.nic@axisballymun.ie / Tel: 01 883 2148 or
leigh.hussey@axisballymun.ie / Tel: 01 883 2123


About axis: Ballymun

Located at the heart of Ballymun, axis is an arts venue, a production company, an arts development organisation, a community resource centre, and is home to a number of community development organisations. axis programmes at the point of excellence and inclusion seeking opportunity for artistic innovation and access for those interested in participation in the arts whenever possible. There is no division of importance in its programme between arts development and mainstream programming. axis welcomes everyone from all over Ireland and internationally to join in a learning organisation that acknowledges the creativity of everyone.

Playground: axis: Ballymun residency award for artists with a disability

This residency was initially developed in partnership with Arts & Disability Ireland (ADI). Axis is grateful to ADI for their continued support in an advisory capacity. This residency is made possible thanks to the support of the Arts Council of Ireland.

Kevin Nolan.
Filming of the documentary Hum at axis: Ballymun. Photo credit: Susanne Wawra.


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