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Image of audience at the screening of Silent Moves at Ballina Arts Centre November 2014

National Audience Research: The Going Out Survey

Posted: 6 August, 2017

Arts & Disability Ireland is conducting a large scale survey in collaboration with disability and arts organisations this April and May. The research aims to understand how people with disabilities engage with arts and culture in Ireland.

If you would like to help us, please take part in the survey. It will take you about ten minutes to complete.

Complete the Survey

Why are we doing this survey?

Arts & Disability Ireland is working towards all arts, and arts venues becoming fully accessible experiences for audiences with disabilities. We therefore need a better understanding of how people with disabilities across Ireland engage with culture in its broadest sense, including the arts. This survey will help.

The Going Out Survey is the first large scale quantitative research in Ireland looking at how people with disabilities engage with the arts. It is an online survey designed and distributed in partnership with disability organisations. It asks:
• how often people go out
• what they do when they are out
• motivations and barriers to going out
• hopes and preferences
• how people find out about opportunities to go out

Irish Sign language Interpretation available symbol

Irish Sign language Interpretation available. Click here to take the survey with Irish Sign Language video translations

Easy to Read Guide available symbolEasy to Read Guide available. Click here to download an Easy to Read Guide to the survey. It is also available as a Word doc.

Plain English approved mark symbol

The Going Out Survey is written in Plain English and has been approved by the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA)

For more information about the Going Out Survey contact Leah Johnston on email leah@adiarts.ie or by phone (01) 8509002

The Going Out Survey builds on a programme of qualitative research carried out by Grogan Research Ltd in 2015 It looked at arts and culture engagement by people with disabilities living in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown area. The research was funded by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, HSE Arts and Health Partnership, ADI and dlr Social Inclusion Office.
The current national research project aims to explore how far these findings are replicated (or not) throughout Ireland. ADI has commissioned Heather Maitland, arts consultant to lead it. Heather has experience with research, and audience development for people with disabilities and has worked with the Irish theatre sector as an audience development consultant.

This research is funded by the Arts Council as part of the Touring and Dissemination of Work scheme.

Heather Maitland is an arts consultant, author, trainer and Associate Fellow at the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick.
She supported over 100 arts organisations as head of two of the UK’s audience development agencies, and has been helping Irish arts organisations develop audiences for more than ten years.
Heather supported Shape, the UK’s arts and disability development organisation in audience development and accessible marketing for over five years. She also delivered audience development training for See a Voice, the UK’s development programme for accessible performances.
Heather Maitland has published nine books on arts marketing and audience development and writes a regular column for the Journal of Arts Marketing. She delivers seminars and workshops the world over.

Watch: ISL interpretation of what The Going Out Survey is all about. If you would like to take the survey with ISL video translations click here

Live captioning in the Pavilion Theatre, 21st May, 2016.

working towards all arts and arts venues becoming fully accessible experiences for audiences with disabilities

Captioning unit in situ in the National Opera House for a performance of The Plough and the Stars


Heather Maitland

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