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Claire Cunningham in Give Me a Reason to Live

Announcing DaDaFest International 2016

Posted: 7 November, 2016

Arts & Disability Ireland Director Pádraig Naughton will be speaking on several panels at DaDaFest’s second annual Congress, designed as a set of conversations to explore the contexts and impacts on how the arts are delivered with artists and practitioners from across the globe, and how and if the parameters within which we operate makes for exhilarating, diverse, disruptive and radical arts work.

DaDaFest is the international festival of disability and Deaf arts taking over Liverpool from 17th November to 3rd December, geared towards igniting much needed conversation around how we view disability in society.

“Skin:Deep” is the thirteenth DaDaFest  and includes a spectacular selection of theatre, performance art, dance, comedy, music, workshops, trails and more, providing outstanding entertainment for absolutely everyone to enjoy.

Highlights of the festival itself include: a performance from the Grammy-nominated “Afro-funk” duo from Mali, Amadou and Mariam; “The Viewing” – a groundbreaking 24 hour durational performance piece viewable throughout the night; the hit new show from Liz Carr, “Assisted Suicide: The Musical”, and “Burlesque from Biscuitland”, a surreal cabaret show hosted by Jess Thom (aka TourettesHero) where anything can (and will) happen.

Find out more here: www.dadafest.co.uk/the-festival

DaDaFest Internationa Congress Programme 2016

Kate March and Welly O’Brien in 11 Million Reasons to Dance

All the world’s a stage… But not if you can’t get on it.

Laurence Clark in Independence


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