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Image of notation for Tourniquet by Derrick Devine

One Beat at a Time: A music commission for Curated Space. Curated by Dylan Tighe

Posted: 20 June, 2016

Original songs inspired by, and expanding our understanding of, mental distress, discovery and wellbeing by three Irish artists with lived experience – Derrick Devine, Ailís Ní Ríain and Kevin Nolan

Dylan Tighe explains the vision of the commission in his curatorial statement:

As Rabindranath Thakur wrote in his Gitanjali (“Song offerings”) ”when old words die out on the tongue, new melodies break forth from the heart”. The songs in this project , by Derrick Devine, Ailís Ní Ríain and Kevin Nolan, invite us to listen deeper and beyond those ‘old words’ and to appraise anew the depth of experience at the heart of crises of the human spirit and consciousness.

As our conventional understanding of ‘mental health’ comes under increasing challenge, and appreciation of expert-by-experience narrative grows, this project places the art of song at the forefront of a new understanding of human distress, discovery and wellbeing. Samuel Beckett wrote that “we must re-think the human condition” and I believe that these songs carry out that invitation with an honesty and depth of insight which is both exhilirating and inspirational. What you will hear in these three recordings are the fruits of artists diving to the deepest realms of the “heart’s core” to bring back words and music with which to inspire us all to move toward a better understanding and expression of human experience “one beat at a time” (to borrow a phrase from artist Kevin Nolan) .

To read Dylan Tighe’s full statement, read artists’ statements and stream the songs click here

Derrick Devine 'Tourniquet'

Ailís Ní Ríain 'Cimmerian'

Kevin Nolan 'Coming of the Complete Night' Track Image


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