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Meet an Artist – interview series

Meet an Artist, ADI’s new interview series where we chat with some of the artists that we support through our funding, showcasing, commissioning, residency and mentoring programmes. We explore their work, their pathways to practice and look at some of the stand out moments and challenges in their careers as artists.

Installation image from Water Senses at Hambly and Hambly, Enniskillen, 2017

Ruth Le Gear

As a hybrid artist, Ruth Le Gear's practice mediates between nature, water remedy intervention, and environmental art. Her practice emerges from collaborations and fieldwork projects which examine the qualities of water and the memories held within. Le Gear works with various water bodies including Arctic icebergs, the Baltic Sea and Irish lakes and waterfalls.

portrait of Suzanne Walsh

Suzanne Walsh

Suzanne Walsh is an artist and writer who works with music, performance and text. She is a resident in Fire Station Artists’ Studios in Dublin. Her work often explores themes of the human/animal ‘divide’, and the performativity of language. She also writes essays, poetry and art reviews.

Roderick Ford

Roderick Ford

Roderick Ford is a poet and playwright. His work explores themes of otherness and othering, of voicelessness and estrangement. His work is populated by outsider figures and hybrids on the borderlines between worlds. He works in non-realistic modes.

Meet Luke by Mairéad Folan performed at A Consideration of All Bodies, 2018. Photo Amber Baruch

Mairéad Folan

Mairéad Folan is a theatre director, creative producer, performer and is Artistic Director of NoRopes Theatre Company. Her work explores issues such as isolation, voicelessness, domestic abuse and tension.

Emilie Conway

Emilie Conway is a jazz singer, composer, lyricist based in Dublin. She sings familiar jazz standards, but also seeks out rarer standards for interpretation which she blends with her own compositions, spoken word and poetry, accompanied by improvised or composed music.